Hodl USDBK - Stream USDC


Our USDC ReturnStream™ is based on hodling USDBK, waiting a small period of time, before receiving USDC as a daily stream. ReturnStream™ is a consistent, orderly, committed stream of value.

144% return within 3 years

Backters USDBK hodlers receive 144% in the form of a USDC ReturnStream™. This ReturnStream™ begins 90 days after hodling USDBK and ends just before the third anniversary of the hodl date (on day 1,090 to be exact).

During the 90 days before the commencement of the USDC ReturnStream™, Backters sends the hodler a BACKT CryptoStream™. 

Backt for 90 days

Whilst you are awaiting your USDC ReturnStream™ we stream hodlers BACKT tokens. This is the token we use for various purposes, such as BuyBack Bonus and rewarding our own hodlers, team & foundation members.