Our Tokens

and how Backters tokens work together

Introducing Backters

Backters is a reimagined decentralised finance ecosystem.

It aims to bridge the gap between tradable coins and liquidity tokens. Historically, returns tokens have lacked excitement for hodlers due to their low fluctuating attributes and, conversely, cryptocurrencies can suffer from potentially large losses and poor liquidity.

By coupling USDBK and BACKT, we give hodlers both fixed and variable returns; the outcome is designed with a dual win mentality.

Avoiding the sell off

Many DeFi projects face high volumes of tokens being sold at exchanges during distribution periods, this in turn creates liquidity issues and negatively impacts on the token value.

We utilise CryptoStream™ where tokens are streamed over an extended period of time, rather than airdrops and typical token distribution, thus avoiding potential negative price and liquidity impact at the exchange.


CryptoStream™ – BuyBACKT – CryptoStream™

BACKT is one of very few tokens that actually fuels the operation of an ecosystem.

From profits, BACKT is bought from hodlers and returned to the locked streaming smart contract wallet, ready to stream again.

Backters tokenomics are unique due to the focus on recycled streaming rather than one-off distribution.


USDBK is a locked cryptocurrency, pegged to USDC 1:1

A hodler requires USDBK to automate a USDC ReturnStream™.