Multi-National Co-Operation

We are from far flung places with a rich tapestry of life woven between us.  Life is too short to not enjoy every day and we strive to make everything and everyone we touch that little bit better off. 

We welcome you to meet and connect with us either directly, through telegram or you can attend one of our AMA’s (ask me anything) sent in our newsletters.

Thanks for being here and checking us out. Hope to see you soon!

The Core Team

Magnus Maynard

Chief Architect


Lee Cross

Chief Product

News Corp
Skull Mountain

Eli Georgieva

Head of Global Marketing

æ Ventures

Transparency, Authenticity & Security

Backters will outline all information relating to its partners and beneficiaries where possible and will communicate on a regular basis all additions, notices and removals on the Backters website.

Backters has engaged Pellucid BVI to ensure it complies with BVI crypto laws.

Backters is committed to developing a trust based realtionship with everyone we connect with. We know that transparency is key. Where possible Backters utilises open-source materials and shouts-out to original developers.

Additionally Backters has chosen the Polygon blockchain due to its low energy Proof of Stake network. This, coupled with Backters’ focus on reducing its own carbon footprint, makes it a leading light in the crypto community.

Our team profiles are outlined on our website and across all social media channels. Our hodlers have the right to contact any team member.

Backters ReturnStream™ & CryptoStream™ are built with security as a cornerstone in its design.