Answers to frequently asked questions.

Backters’ USDBK token draws its fixed returns from partners that handle fixed income financial assets, also known as bonds. Breaking down the return into two parts, 100% of the return represents the gradual pay back of the principal investment. This gives investors confidence in their lended capital and a boost to their fixed income, differentiating itself from the competition as bond principals are typically returned in one lump sum at the end of the period. Second, 44% of the returns reflects the cumulative interest on the borrowed capital over the lifetime of the investment. 44% is a high-yielding, outstanding rate of interest on your investment.

Fixed income securities involve the borrowing of capital to finance an investment. Backters uses its investments in USDBK to finance investments in the real world, including for use in fund activities, private equity, private debt and much more. The way fixed income investments are structured is perfectly suited for the needs of Backters’ financial partners (lended capital) and most importantly the needs of its own investors: a lower risk, stable and consistent rate of return with an offering wound into the very fabric of fixed income asset design

From an investment perspective, cryptocurrencies are speculative assets. For an investor to acquire a return on a cryptocurrency, the belief that someone will eventually buy their coins for more than they purchased them for, must hold market wide to create sustained price appreciation and subsequent returns. This is the overwhelming reason people trade Bitcoin, and most other cryptocurrencies and this has contributed to rapid growth in their value. 

For Backters, relying on mass psychology for investment returns does not seem sustainable. As an alternative offering, Backters has a substitute for these coins, BACKT, which accounts for the same investment characteristics as cryptocurrencies. Then, there is a more tangible token, USDBK,  that is considered an hodl asset, rather than a speculative one. It does not profit off of its tradable value, but rather the underlying returns it generates through its partners.

USDBK operates much like a pegged coin and is a token of fixed value that is only present within the Backters system. USDBK is not tradable on exchanges. BACKT however operates like a more traditional and fully tradable cryptocurrency.

A hodler can use their returns to make new ReturnStreams™. Each ReturnStream™ is independent of each other so the daily amount over the amount of days will still apply.

You can hodl USDBK on our portal here, or through out mobile wallet.

If you hodl under $15,000 then all we require is your email address. This is due to Backters being HQ’d in Tortola, BVI.

If hodling over $15,000 then ‘know your customer’ applys

  • Backters partners have a proven track record in delivering returns performance 
  • Backters’ performance is generated from procuring a blend of fixed interest bonds, loan notes and share capital that deliver the returns from these partners
  • All of this is backed by collateral provided by the partners

Further questions you may have:

  1. Who are the partners?
    1. William John (HV) plc 
    2. Meta World Fund 
  2. What is this track record?
    1. Over the past 3 years, William John has delivered an audited performance of between 45% and 52%
    2. Meta World Fund delivers a 20% per annum return 
  3. What is the collateral that is backing this?
    1. With bonds for William John (HV) plc
    2. With Meta World Fund share capital 
  4. How are partners selected?
    1. We have long term relationships with board members of both companies
    2. Backters uses specialist partners who operate in the field of finance that make investments in real assets. We choose our partners on the basis of shared values and vision including technology, investment strategy and client service. 
  5. Are there additional Partners in the Roadmap?
    1. Yes. Over time we will develop further partner relationships to increase diversification across multiple asset classes 
  • Each month, Backters randomly draws winning BuyBACKT Bonus, with the hodler being able to sell BACKT at a price higher than market price. Every BACKT hodler will qualify for entry into this monthly draw 
  • The more BACKT tokens held in a wallet, the greater chance of being a winner

Further questions you may have:

  1. How is the winner selected?
    1. A uniqueness of blockchain is its true ability to randomly choose a winners
  2. At what point in the month will the winning token be selected?
    1. The winning day of each month will be randomly selected
  3. How will a winner be notified?
    1. The winning BACKT hodler will be notified in the mobile wallet or by email
    2. The winning stream will appear in the wallet that the winning token is held in

USDC is considered the industry standard stablecoin. Stablecoins derive their value from underlying assets and in USDC’s case it derives its value from the US Dollar. It maintains reserves of dollar currency in order to peg the value of one USDC to the value of one dollar. By doing so, it allows investors to convert their cash into digital currency and vice versa.

USDC is owned by Circle and JP Morgan holds a significant value in the USDC token.

Yes, BACKT is transferable and can be traded on exchanges

Uniswap: Backters operates on this exchange to assist trading liquidity and any other exchange that provides a cryptocurrency pair with BACKT.

Every hodler has the opportunity to be a member of the Backters community. This community stands for better markets, better technology, better access and better returns. An hodler of USDBK and/or BACKT is an endorsement of the future of finance – open, efficient and accessible anonymously, anywhere and at any time.

In order to trade BACKT on a centralised exchange you need to transfer BACKT out of the portal wallet and into an exchange wallet/address. Before moving BACKT please ensure that you have established an account with the chosen exchange and that you are 100% certain you have the correct wallet address.

A Crypto Exchange that operates in the currency you want to convert into is required. transfer your USDC to the Crypto Exchange (they will have a how to guide in sending crypto to them) and from there you will be able to use their USDC/FIAT withdrawal facility. Please check the exchange you choose does allow for withdrawal to FIAT currencies.

You do not need to have a cryptocurrency wallet already set up, but you will require a wallet no matter what cryptocurrency you hodl. With account setup we create a wallet that holds USDBK, USDC and BACKT. (and many other cryptocurrencies you transfer)

If you are having difficulty accessing your account please get in touch with us and we will try to help you regain access to your account. As with all cryptocurrency services it is vitally important that you keep your account information safe and secure.

In the footer of each page you will find our contact details. We will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours.