Gifted when hodling USDBK and whilst awaiting a USDC stream, this token is freely tradeable and is the lifeblood of the Backters ecosystem

Introducing BACKT

Our BACKT token rewards all contributors to Backters, be it hodlers, founders, supporters or team members and its reason for being is to continually stream out and be bought back – ready to stream out again: 

This is BACKT CryptoStream™

BuyBACKT Bonus

Backters has created a unique and exciting opportunity for hodlers. It is called BuyBackt.

The BuyBackt protocol means we purchase BACKT from hodlers at a higher value than the exchange price.

Winning hodlers of this bonus are randomly generated by using the benefits of blockchain.

In doing so, Backters is providing additional value to hodlers, whilst hodlers contribute to the longevity of the ecosystem as Backters re-deposits the purchased BACKT into the streaming wallet.